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Assets Management

   SOARTECH is dedicated to the RFID tag package. And also supply R&D and technical support team in Taipei Taiwan and manufacture & production in ShangHai SongJiang China, we have 3000M2 plants and 150 employee.
   At present, the product frequency is major in the 125 KHz 、134.2KHz the 13.56 MHz(ISO 14443A 、ISO 11784/5 、ISO15693 compliant). Our goal is to be a professional RFID products provider to offer good quality and low cost RFID tag & related reader and to be your solid partner.

   RFID Products / Engaged Technology :
* Wire Bonding
* Flip-chip Bonding
* Slim-Film Substrate Manufacturing for ISO card
* Embedded Capacitor Manufacturing
* Low Temp. Lamination / Good to Mass Production
* Card Converting Technology in Mass Production
* Label Converting Technology in Mass Production
* On-metal Process / Ferrite Knowledge
* In-house Plastic Injection
* Etching Antenna
* In-house Antenna Design & Manufacturing
* Embedded LED in RFID Process
* In-house Tooling